Move tab into new window without reloading - will Vivaldi ever be able to do this?

  • Simple question: when will we be able to do this? Google Chrome and FireFox have no problem with that. I just want to be able to move youtube video in progress to a side window on my big 4K TV screen to watch it while doing something in the main window for example, but when I do it now in Vivaldi, it reloads it. Please fix that

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    Unless I'm mistaken, that's fixed internally. Keep an eye on future versions.

  • 1.5.604.4 (Developer Build) (32-bit)
    already does this and works flawlessly for me, and there's also a setting to disable lazy loading on restored tabs if one really needs it

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    Thanks. I saw the fix backstage, but didn't really realize it was rolling out in this snapshot, because I don't tear tabs.

  • Allright now. After a few more updates again I had to restart my music after the tab in the new window got reloaded. Please tell me some estimation when is this functionality planned in the normal non developer version. Thanks

  • "when it's ready" :lol:
    What's the problem, install the dev snapshot


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