Please FIX: White Flash on Dark Themes

  • If you’re running a dark theme then you may be familiar with this painful issue: Right before a page loads in Vivaldi, the screen will flash white, irrespective of the background color of the page that is loading. So if your target website has a dark background with light text (or you’ve modified CSS to achieve this look) for a couple seconds you’re blinded by the bright white loading page. This can also happen when you switch between dark tabs, too. (Page will flash white before loading the dark site.) vredesbyrd describes the problem pretty well in the post above, along with the rather tortuous workaround that’s been developed to address it: the problem is it requires you to download and run a separate AHK script which means it’s Windows-only. The fix also relies on certain toolbar icons being visible, so if you’ve modified your Vivaldi set-up away from the default… well, you’re out of luck. Surely the devs can do better. Can the dummy loading page be modified to match the color of the theme in use? Specifically, can the page please show black while it’s loading on dark themes, instead of a blinding white? Thank you for reading.

  • I try to avoid the white flash by opening pages in a new (background) tab and then switching to that tab once the page is loaded.


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