Feedback/Impressions from a completely new user

  • Hey guys, so I started using Vivaldi a bit recently without really having much prior knowledge of the browser at all, Chrome has been my primary browser for the longest time now, but I'm interested in trying something new and refreshing, I've used Vivaldi for a bit and here's what I think. I love the theme and customization options this browser provides, it does a great job of setting itself apart and making it feel a bit more personal, I also like the convenience and speed of accessing things like your downloads and history pages. Speed wise, it's not quite as snappy as Chrome, but it seems to be getting there. My main complaints at the moment are this, I have a dual monitor setup, and I tend to drag tabs onto my other monitor from my browser, at the moment you can't do this with Vivaldi, but I did hear that it's due to be implemented, and it can't come soon enough in my opinion. Another minor annoyance is when opening a new tab, I like to stay on the original page I was already on, now I know the third option down allows you to do this, or you can hold CTRL+Left Click, but I feel it would be more convenient for some people to have that as the first option (maybe have an option to change where exactly this is for people?), I saw quite a few threads complaining about this, and for me, it somewhat disrupts the flow I get into when browsing. That's it so far, overall the browser feels quite refreshing, but as of right now I don't think it flows as well for me as Chrome does, but given time and future updates, I can definitely see myself switching over at some point. Thanks for checking this out.

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    Re Drag and Drop: see item number 9 in the Feature Requests thread.

    Re open in background tab: middle-click is easiest, or assign a mouse gesture to Clone Tab/Open Link in background tab (over a link)

  • Ah I see, it's something I'll have to get used to but middle clicking to open a new tab seems about as fast as Chrome.

    And yeah, I can't wait until the tab drag feature is implemented.

    Things are looking good, thanks for responding 🙂


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