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  • I love the browser so far and I've been using it for a week. I have a problem with the logo/icon design, it just doesn't seem to look like a browser logo and I can't exactly tell why :( I guess you're trying to be different from other logos, I think it just needs to be round and not look like a social media logo

  • IMHO, I feel the Vivaldi logo to be unique and perfect. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "look like a browser logo"?
    I didn't know that browser logos had to look a certain way.

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    Do you think a browser logo design has to swim with the mainstream and be as round as IE, Firefox or Chrome? Or like the ugly O-type from Opera?

    Vivaldi is different. And that should be visible in its logo design.

  • I not disagree with you, but which one of the following looks like a browser logo?

    Just FF, and maybe Safari.

  • Yup… Logo... the most iportant UX element of internet browser...

    Gwen, Solutor - respect for patience and continuation of thread :P

  • @ROTFL:

    Yup… Logo... the most iportant UX element of internet browser...

    The branding has its importance, at least when you have to decide if you want to test something, for the first time.

    Say we had the military canned meat which was natural, so it has brown/gray color (and it was a delight) but no one would buy it in a store, even if everyone knows that the boiled meat has that color.

    The commercially available canned meat is always red, and people will buy it no matter if it's worse (or dangerous for the healt).

    That's applicable more or less everywhere. A Black and Golden/Coppery battery feels stronger than a silvery/white one, a green toothpaste feels more refreshing than a white one and so on.

    There are subtle psychological mechanisms that may ruin a good product if the branding is wrong (and viceversa).

  • A logo is important, but more the product that represents. Talk about a logo ugly is meaningless, the logo of Vivaldi is not uglier than the in Opera

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