Loading Too late

  • I am using vivaldi browser form its launch, the browser loading time is too late, it takes almost 31 seconds to load. Tell me what about others and they have to improve the timing

  • It takes about 16 seconds for Vivaldi v1.4.589.21 [the latest version as of now] to load after I first turn the computer on & less than 5 seconds if I close & restart Vivaldi. A little slow but faster than v1.3 so there's progress.

  • I run Snapshot (always up to date) on Arch on both my desktop and my MacBook. On my desktop, Vivaldi Snapshot consistently loads slowly (20 to 30 seconds), while on my MacBook it takes anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds. Both computers have roughly equivalent specs and ages. I was actually convinced that I had some kind of issue on my desktop because Vivaldi isn't the only thing that seems to load slowly, although for the rest it isn't every time, so I am grasping at straws. Vivaldi Snapshot also seems to take a long time for a dialog box to appear to either download or upload images and links. Performance seems to be the same for both stable and snapshot.


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