Make url from 3rd party toolbar open in NON-default Vivaldi

  • Environment: Win7 x64 Ultimate, Vivaldi standalone (Portable)/ REGISTERED 1.4.589.11 (Stable channel) (32-bit) When Vivaldi is set as the default browser, I simply L-click a *.url shortcut in True Launch Bar toolbar, and it opens in a New Tab in Vivaldi = GREAT! But, when Vivaldi is NOT set as default browser, it will NOT open a *.url that's drag & dropped - either into an about:blank New Tab window field, or into the Address Bar, or into a Speed Dial window field. Instead, it does this -- it identifies it as a file on the system, instead of a *.url -- [b]file:///D:/z...Asus.k55/TLB_favs.trial/VM/Portable-VirtualBox.url[/b] It displays this in the Address Bar, then it breaks it down in tabular form in the browser window, like so : [{000214A0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Prop3=19,2 [InternetShortcut] URL= IDList= * Portable Google Chrome Version 53.0.2785.101 is slightly better than Vivaldi - it will open the *.url ONLY IF IT IS d&d into the [b]Address Bar[/b] -- otherwise, it gives the same display as Vivaldi in tabular form in the browser window. Both Portable FFox newest 48.0.2, and installed IE.11, when set as NON-DEFAULT browsers, will open a *.url shortcut if it's d&d ANYWHERE -- browser window, Address Bar, doesn't matter. There's a post from member OBJim who uses the bookmark mgr-extension "Linkman", and he's having the same basic problem : Thanks in advance for your help - might solve many people's issues. Otherwise, I'm greatly Loving the browser & would like to live in it as much of the day as possible - but for various reasons I need to use Mouser's BrowserTraySwitch to change Default Browsers often

  • Trying to help myself (& others) here - I use a StrokeIt mouse gesture
    to implement my machine-wide version of the FF plugin QuickDrag,
    which replaced the former SuperDragAndGo.

    So it just dawned on me that I could take the "file-recognition" output in the browser window …


    … and just L-click drag-copy then gesture the for example,
    and now it opens in a new tab.
    A couple more interesting things I observe :

    • d&d does NOT work into a Vivaldi "Start Page" - because it's a specially-coded window, right?

    I must d&d into either a "Blank Page" [about:blank] or into a 'regular' webpage –
    and what's more -- I just discovered it has to be a https://
    to even work as a "file-recognition" output as listed above.

    But again, when the browser (either Vivaldi or Chrome - both Chromium-based obviously)
    is set to DEFAULT, then it responds w/ the desired behaviour –

    WHEN A 3RD-PARTY *.url is CLICKED.

    *But wait, there's MORE! Just now observed that even when set as DEFAULT,
    Vivaldi will ONLY open a 3rd party bookmark *.url if it's CLICKED on –

    it won't respond to d&d either to the window frame or the Address Bar.

    *But wait, there's STILL MORE! Google Chrome - latest Portable version - set DEFAULT -
    will at least open a d&d *.url but ONLY when dropped into the Address Bar –

    if d&d to the window frame, it responds w/ the "field-recognition" behaviour/listing.

    And to remind once more - both FF & IE.11 - whether DEFAULT or NOT -
    will open a d&d *.url WHEREVER it's dropped -


    Thanks for any insights & solutions

    (even as I mutter in my brain to John Lennon –
    "No John, someday the World of Browsers will NEVER be as One.") 🤢

  • OK - I see Pesala's response to a New User to have a look at #9 in the Feature Requests thread – will do, & wait ...

    Number 9, Number 9, Number 9 .... :unsure:


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