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  • I'm not fond of forums so I pretty recklessly opened a new thread for this, sorry if this had been talked about previously. An enthusiastic friend told me about Vivaldi, its founder and the features and as a previous Opera lover of course I would give it a try! After some days of use I have following suggestions to make: 1. [b]Window title[/b]: as in the name of the (minimized) window in the taskbar. It says Vivaldi atm, it would be great it would change to the currently active tab in order to be able to follow updates (e.g. Facebook messages, Tumblr dashboard news, liveticker etc) 2. [b]Speed dial numbers[/b]: something I have been missing dearly since the newer Opera updates! Open new tab, type one single number, be where you want to be :cheer: one of my favorite browser features EVER why would you even dismiss this? Count this in, count me in! It's still in my system tbh, just now I end up using google to look up "3" and "8"... Best regards, keep up the hard work~

  • Window title is also essential for password managers such as KeePass. Auto-type feature uses Window title for automatic credential selection.

  • Thanks for fixing window title in version! 🙂

  • I too would love to see the addition of speed dial numbers. Hitting Ctrl # has become second nature for me and is extremely useful for streamlining my work flow. It is one of the reasons I'm still using Opera 12.

    Edit: After I posted this message, it occurred to me that I could get almost the same effect by by going to bookmarks and changing the nicknames to "1", "2", "3", etc. to correspond with the speed dial bookmarks. Hitting "F2 #" doesn't seem quite as convenient as hitting "Ctrl #" but that might just be a matter of getting use to the new keystrokes. Now, I'm just an e-mail client away from making Vivaldi my default browser.

    Edit #2: I just checked and this configuration also allows you to open a new page and type your speed dial number and get to the assigned page as opposed to seeing a Google search results page for the number.

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    Numbers are severely limited — to ten tabs to be precises. I prefer to use these precious Ctrl# shortcuts for opening the panels, but everyone can use them as they wish.

    What would be a more versatile solution is "Nicknames". Edit any bookmark to give it a nickname, e..g. 2015 opens my calendar for this year, 86 gets my local bus time-tables. That way, you're not limited to just ten speed dials. You could number them in rows and columns A … E6 or whatever, and you don't need to use the control key.

    Mnemonic shortcuts in Opera 12.17 extend this to executing commands, launching other programs, etc.

    f,t,p opens FTP Commander, b,b,c goes to the BBC news page, etc.

    Nicknames have to be entered in the URL field, but mnemonic shortcuts can be executed when the page has focus.

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    Nicknames already work.

    I would also like to see Ctrl+# for opening SD sites. I prefer using it over giving focus to the address bar to then type the number and hit Enter.

    And my Quick Commands do not work. It doesn't let me type anything.

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