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  • I love Vivaldi's customization features, but there is a big difference in ease of use when compared to Chrome's ability to guess which page I am typing, and I am not sure whether this is a usability issue or just something I am doing wrong. Simple example: In Chrome I don't need a bookmark for the pages i keep coming back to all day long, be they bitbucket or gmail or hacker news. I simply start typing the link and it will present the most frequently used hyperlink as my first option. easy peasy. Now switch to Vivaldi, if I start typing "mail" the only link under "Typed" is for my gmail contacts (which I used not that often), the gmail home page being all the way down in the History section. Now, no matter how many times I select the gmail home page all the way down, Vivaldi simply won't give that page precedence over my contacts page or even make the home page show up at the "Typed" section. I imagine I might be doing something really wrong, but I just can't figure what that might be. Any input definitely appreciated.

  • settings>privacy>browser history/suggestions in address field has worked fine for me. is it not working for you?

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