Vivaldi's awesome quick command feature

  • Tis feature, the browsers complete design. Really a 10/10 guys I absolutely love it! Sublime Text has already been my favourite editor. And bringing a native quick command feature to the browser is just... "HHNNNGGGGG". This will be my main browser from now on, don't care about the disadvantages :whistle: . One thing would be great to add when I'm comparing the quick command search with Sublime Text. Basically the searching could be more flexible. Instead of absolute matches it can match with different parts of the URL or title of a page / bookmark / history entry. For example: "you vid1" could match to a youtube link with "video 1" in the title, or "fac name" could match Still keep the search Google on space there though. Just more results in the bottom. Thanks again for making something this awesome.


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