BUG: allow Notes panel item to expand to full display height…

  • As you can see its inconveniently situated on the bottom, and its fully expanded. [attachment=4510]vivaldi.vertical.notes.jpg[/attachment] Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/86185/vivaldi.vertical.notes.jpg[/img]

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    No, that part at the bottom is the "add a new note" portion of the panel. The rest of it, above that, is the list of notes you already have, which would appear at this time to basically be none.

  • What about allowing it to expand to the top, or switch the positions of the list with the 'add a new note' section?

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    I dunno. You can put in a feature request on the same page where you would file a bug report.

  • The Notes Panel can already have a separate width, and the edit pane can be resized to take up most of the panel, so if you tend to have long notes you can expand the editing area quite a lot.


  • Its already fully expanded in my screenshots. It looks fine in landscape mode, but not in portrait. And what about 4k displays? It'll be worse on those in any orientation.

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