Issue using new tab mouse gesture - opens link from closed page?!

  • The problem happens only sometimes, I haven't yet been able to determine the conditions 100%, but generaly it works like this: [ol] [li]have several tabs open[/li] [li]close the active tab[/li] [li]next tab shows up[/li] [li]execute new tab mouse gesture in an empty area of the page (no links etc)[/li] [li]some random link from the closed tab is open, as though the new tab gesture was executed over a link, but the tab has already been closed[/li] [/ol]

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    I have seen the issue reported before. I guess that a bug report has been filed already.

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    Known as bug VB-23017 "Mouse Gestures open links from closed tabs"

  • Oops, I just filed a duplicate bug, then: VB-25961 "Mouse gesture "New Tab" can open a link from a tab that is now closed". I wish there was an obvious way to search through open bugs, but I can only file new ones.

    I've been able to replicate the bug consistently. Looks like the bug has existed for months.

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