Folders Destroyed on Vivaldi Updates

  • Hello Folks, I'm currently running V 1.3.551.38 (Stable channel) (32-bit) - I don't know which version was on my laptop before I accepted the latest update. The laptop only gets regular use in May and Sept on holidays. When I ran the update on the laptop I lost ALL of my folders and got a host of repeated garbage instead! Not impressed!! Now, I wouldn't have minded if there was some warning, but most of my folders' sites have specific addresses and passwords, all of which were erased beyond restoration! When I'm 300 miles from home and having spent a lot of time setting the pages up, I'm not best pleased. On my desktop I have declined the offer of this latest update for fear of being forced to start from scratch there too. Is there a simple way of preserving my work to avoid the unceremonious obliteration of access to my favourite sites? Regards, Steve

  • That smells like the consequence of some FS errors.

    So it's strongly suggested that you run a chkdsk /f C: on your HDD.

    But wherever your problem comes from making a copy of your Vivaldi profile is always a good thing.

  • This isn't the first instance of this - it's just the first instance of when the content
    was important. The Chckdsk bit I understand, copying my profile is where I'm lost.
    I actually sat and duplicated the folders creation with the machines side by side,
    meticulously entering passwords where necessary. It sounds like "copying my
    profile" could have saved this.

    Can you please point me toward instructions…


  • See

    You could just backup the whole Default folder, but best to just refer to the BackUp Section.

    Note: If you are copying between computers, then extensions and passwords can NOT be copied (encryption is different).
    Extensions will need to be installed independently on each machine.
    For Passwords, you could look at extensions such as LastPass or KeepPass.


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