BUG: side panel never fully hides…

  • ...well, I can manually close it through the View menu, and it totally disappears. However, once I open the Notes via shortcut, it remains minified; see image. It should fully hide itself. [attachment=4504]vivaldi.panel-never-hides.png[/attachment] Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/86185/vivaldi.panel-never-hides.png[/img]

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    If it was designed to work that way, it's not a bug, but I agree that it would be more consistent to keep the panel toolbar hidden if that's what the user prefers.

    You can assign a shortcut to show/hide the Panel Toolbar (I use F4). If you use that, the problem is solved. Whichever panel was focused will be focused when you reopen the panels with F4. After opening the panel you can switch to a different panel with another shortcut. These are what I use, which I find easy to remember:


    • F4 = Show/hide Panels
    • Ctrl 1, b = Bookmarks
    • Ctrl 2, m = Mail (not available yet)
    • Ctrl 3, c = Contacts (not available yet)
    • Ctrl 4, d = Downloads
    • Ctrl 5, n = Notes
    • Ctrl 6, t = Google Translate
    • Ctrl 7, g = Google Mail
    • Ctrl 8 = Web Panel 3, etc.


  • Thanks, I see the Panel shortcut does work, just like the View menu option. I re-mapped F4 to open the Note panel (Following in QuickNotes footsteps - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/quicknote/ ), which saves a step by opening the Panel, and the right Panel item.

    I agree, if the panel is not set to be displayed, it should not become minified when toggeling a Panel item, such as Notes.
    Also, focus should be given to the correct element when the Panel is opened. For Notes, it should put focus on the note pad. This should be configurable. Choices would be, focus on: search, list of notes, note pad.

    QuickNotes behavior is perfect. They really got it right.

    : nullsteph : mouse clicks hurt :

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