Possible bug: Activity indicator in tab…

  • Not sure if this is a but or a feature request, but its making Vivaldi difficult to use. This forum actually illustrates the problem very well. Every time I click on a link, or use the back button, nothing happens for 3 to 5 seconds. I often click the link or hit the back button a few times, until I learned what was going on. And that was, all those clicks were queued up and executed after ~5 seconds. Often sending me too far back in history, and I'd have to start over. I also get this behavior on the legacy web app I work on. It always takes seconds for the Tomcat server to respond, and during that time Vivaldi gives no indication a request was even made or sent. After a few seconds, the address bar does it loading animation and the page refreshes, but before that there's nothing. What would help is an activity gif in the tab, confirming I made a request or issued a command and the browser knows it and is waiting for something. That would prevent me form clicking the same link a bunch of times. To be clear, links on most websites perform as expected. This behavior is only seen on this site (is it PHP?) and my slow legacy app. | nullsteph | mouse clicks hurt |

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