Bug with the seeting windows

  • Hi ! 🙂 Because I did not find any topic for bug report, so I poste here. I already report this bug, but I create this topic for discuss about it, and know if you have the same. I open the seeting windows, then, I close the browser windows, [b]then[/b] , I close the seeting windows. When I re-launch Vivaldi, the seeting windows display, and no way to access to the browser ! The only solution I fond is to reinstall vivaldi + delete the browse data.. Do you have other solution, or do you have the same bug ? Or did I forget something ? I precise I am on windows 7, 64. and sorry if my english is bad 😞

  • Hello,
    here is another solution, when re-launch Vivaldi, CTRL+N make a new window, and voilà! 😉

    When browser restart it will be cool that setting windows not show again 🙂

  • Yes, it work, thanks you, but it still a bug !


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