DESPERATE for Vivaldi to work with Mac SysPrefs Text Expander

  • 😞 I am loving Vivaldi but I'm about to go back to Safari (ugh) because the one thing I rely heavily on that Vivaldi doesn't seem to have is the ability to use my native Mac system preferences regarding text expansion. For example, I have several text shortcuts that I use ALL THE TIME and they don't work in Vivaldi. Am I missing something? Or is that function just not there? It would be the only thing that would make me abandon the browser and I really don't want to do that. Thanks! Shoeless

  • Seems like this is only available in Safari. Opera can't do it either, and I would suspect the same for Chrome. Don't have Firefox installed.

    You can however use an extension like this one
    Of course you would have to input your expansions again…

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