V1.5.604.4 argument passing partly fails

  • If I click a weblink in an e-mail message in outlook.com (web interface), then a new tab is opened without any content. Since the URL bar remains empty, my guess would be that the url is not properly passed as an argument. If I click the same weblink in the same e-mail message in Outlook 2013, then a new tab is opened in Vivaldi (default browser here) with its content. This time the URL bar is indeed properly filled.

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    Seems Outlook.com and Oultlook 365 2016 pass a different argument to the browser than does Outlook 2013. In the latter, Vivaldi receives a URL. In the others, Vivaldi appears to receive a js script that is interpreted as about:blank or similar. Other users have also complained that after installing Outlook 2016 on their Win10 computers, it's impossible to open ANYTHING other than Edge from a link in Outlook email.

  • Thank you AyeSpy,
    My first reaction was "should I now report this to Microsoft?"
    But then I decided to check it out with our nearest relative Google Chrome.
    Google Chrome handles these arguments very well: a new tab is opened with its contents.
    Does this make it an issue to be picked up by the Vivaldi team?

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    Certainly, if they can get it to work, they would want to.

  • Working in an Office 365 school environment, this little problem is pretty annoying, so I'm hoping it'll be resolved sooner rather than later.
    Cheers, Stephan

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    Works in in internal Vivaldi tester version on Outlook.com.

    That means: Wait for next Snapshot to get this fixed version. :)

  • Checked.
    Excited: It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

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