Page zoom? [Resolved]

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    When I go to any webpage I have to reset the page zoom each time. Some pages I want 80% and others I need 110%. Is there any way possible for Vivaldi to remember the amount of zoom I desire for each page?

  • If there is I have not found it.

    It is possible to have a step into that direction : having the zoom setting like this

    Vivaldi then keeps the zoom level the same for tabs on the same domain,

    However whenever you change the zoom level manually on any tab of such "zoom-group" it affects all other tabs in the group, too - so changing the zoom on any child-tab changes parent-tabs and sibling-tabs.

    am still missing the zoom behaviour from old Opera. 😞

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    I know that. If I set the zoom for a webpage/website then leave when I return to that page/site I have to readjust the zoom.
    It would be great if Vivaldi "remembered" preferred zoom levels for each website/webpage.
    IOW, more intuitive.

  • The old zoom behaviour of Opera really is what I miss the most after switching. Apart from "inheriting" the zoom when opening a new tab from a zoomed tab, and remembering the zoom level of tabs, Opera also saved the zoom level with a session.

    I used to save sessions for quick re-opening with different zoom levels already set on all tabs. Now I have to zoom in every tab again manually. I tried quick key commands but there is only one for 200% zoom, and that's not flexible enough for me. So I'd be really grateful if the old behaviour returned in Vivaldi… 🙂

  • I just noticed with pleasure that zoom level is now remembered along with sessions again! 🙂 Thanks a lot to the devs who might have read this! Now if the "inheriting" of zoom level from one tab opened from another came back also, that would be fantastic and just like Opera…

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    Found it and now I feel like an idiot.

    Setting>Webpages>see screenshot.


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