Vivaldi virus

  • I had no problem when I was running snapshots (despite missing several) but after I installed stable version of Vivaldi (since 1.0) some flashpepper constantly wants to connect to the Internet. What's with this flashpepper? Is it a virus? It connects to the Internet several times a day. Why so often? Also on some websites I get a strange message. It says "JavaScript from mhjfbmdgcfjbbpaeojofohoefgiehjai. Please wait." And there's OK button to click. What is it?

  • Flashpepper sounds like the Flash Player Plug-in from Chrome.

    If you haven't installed Flash plug-in from adobe, then Vivaldi will use the Chrome version.

    Doing a search for the code in the Javascript message gives results for the chrome pdf viewer extension
    see (for example)

    Also see Vivaldi - Tools/Plugins 😉


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