Problems with version 1.5

  • Problems with the new 1.5 version: EDIT: - New opened youtube links always start with maximum volume. - Zoom is not working, the browser does not memorize my settings, every page is different. - Gmail links not working (long weeks (months?) ago), if I click of any link inside gmail, the browser show me only a white page, and nothing more. If I open the link with right click and "open in new window" option, then working correctly. - Black Vivaldi icon. So, rollback to version 1.3.551.23 (btw, the gmail problem also exists in this version.)

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    Please, the title of your Topic is really without any meaning, isn't it? Try to rename it, give it a more meaningful describing content, so helpers must not guess what you want to say.

    You know that the 1.5 Snapshot is a very new testing version with the latest Chromium code base which may have bugs?

    The icon for a Snapshot is black now to distinguish between Stable and Snapshot.
    Blank page with GMail: known bug.
    The zoom is lost in tabs: known bug.

  • Well, the browser offered me the upgrade. Why offering me a test? 🙂
    Nevermind, I used rollback, and now I'am happy. 🙂

    edit: title is edited. :))


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