Vivaldi Export / Import (I need to merge Vivaldi data from 2 computers)

  • Hello I've got 2 computers with Vivaldi [b]1.5.x[/b] & [b]1.1.443.3[/b] installed I want to stop using old PC and outdated Vivaldi version and move all the stuff into newer one [b]without overriding it[/b] So... 1) Any checklist of what I have to move (beside bookmarks)? What is the best way of transfering stuff? 2) Are 1.1.443.3 files still compatible with 1.5? 3) Is there any easy way to[b] move + merge all notes[/b]? 4) [b]Would it be possible to move saved sessions?[/b] Regards P.

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    You should be able to import from the old version to the new, if you install the old version standalone to the new machine, and then move its profile from the old machine to the new location.

    In fact if you haven't fount it, here you go.

  • and then try to import whole profile?
    Thanks for idea - I'll test it
    [So now i just have to find old installer ;)]

    Is there anywhere on archive of olf versions or should I browse through old Team Blog entries? 😛

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    Just work your way back through the blog until you find it.

    It may help to know that the download addresses for all versions have a uniform format.

  • It seems not as easy to install second instance as standalone when I've got Vivaldi anlready installed 😉

    Ok… I was able to move sessions just by moving files between

    ...\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Sessions
    ```directories B)

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    To install standalone, all you have to do is change or start to change the directory path in the installer. The "standalone" option will immediately appear.

  • Oh… I didn't know that... 🙂

    I was able to move bookmarks (by export / import), sessions (by moving files; surprisingly format was still compatible) but i have no idea where Vivaldi stores "Notes".... so probably I have to copy-paste them 😛

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    Nothing, or almost nothing, has changed with respect to formats. But since you seemed interested in MERGING, not REPLACING, your current stuff with your old, I tried to offer you a solution that would allow import, which is an addittive function rather than a replacement one. Were it not for the notes element of this whole equation, I would have recommended you export/import bookmarks and move other relevant files.

  • Thx!
    I did as You said and it worked

    Sadly this way of import includes only bookmarks / history / passwords (not sessions / notes / …)


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