How to set a different speed dial page?

  • Hello everyone, I really loved Opera (up to version 12) and I'm glad to have discovered Vivaldi, which is inspired by Opera and just installed the stable version of Mac and I would set it up for my purposes, but I need your help. The first thing I would do is set up a personalized speed dial page, I installed the extension [url=]Speed Dial3(Web)[/url] but I can not make it your home page. In Preferences -> Startup -> Homepage What should I wear? Thank you

  • There are two related settings the homepage and the new tab settings (which is what will be open when you open a new tab)

    The former is less relevant given most people used to opera prefers to start with the last session, making the Netscape like home page an outdated concept.

    The latter instead is way more important, given it's what you see whenever you open a new tab.

    You can access such extensions in two ways:

    #1 vivaldi://newtab This is generic and should work with any "new tab" extension (there is a bug currently open about that, and it may not work on v 1.4)

    #2 the specific extension address, useful if you have more than one "newtab" extension installed, and if #1 doesn't work for you.

    It isn't straightforward to figure that address, but looking inside the extension options and/or folder will help.

    Say FVD speed dial is reachable trough the following address



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