Pop quiz: where is the download link published?

  • I've downloaded the Technical Preview already on my work desktop. I found the link in the Opera desktop comments feed. So far so good. Now I am on my laptop. The Technical Preview is not installed yet. I come to vivaldi.net. First thing I see is Jon has a post talking about the new TP. No link to download. I search in the Vivaldi.net search box for Vivaldi Technical Preview. No results. I come to the forums, expecting to find a link on a sticky post in this forum. None to be seen. The only solution I can see is to go to Opera.com to find the comments and get the link, or search online for it. It shouldn't have to be this way! By the way, re: TP when I tried it at work, I love the mouse gestures. Finally I can gesture down on a link and it opens in a new tab. No more Shift+Ctrl+Click! Yay! x

  • Vivaldi.net is the Vivaldi Technologies community site whereas feyz already pointed out Vivaldi.com is the main site for where you can keep up on and download the browser. Go to Vivaldi.com and either click the blue "Download Tech Preview" button or else click "Download" in the top right of the site and then click "Download Now" (if you're one who likes doing a few extra steps of course). On the download page though it does list the current version number and also the option to download for other platforms, but I think of the main page it figures that all out and downloads the right install file type automatically.

  • I hope they implement also a good old ftp access.

    It's a life saver in a numbers of situation.

  • Why didn't you google "vivaldi browser download" in the first place? 😕

  • Thanks for all the replies. I had no idea vivaldi.com existed (in fact, until a few days ago according to https://archive.org/ it showed nothing but a teaser page). Since I've only ever knowingly visited this vivaldi.net site, that's where I expected the Vivaldi browser to exist and I expected the download to be at least linked somewhere from here.

    I'm starting to think I'm one of the few remaining people in the world who start their browser and type in the full site URL rather than letting a Google search come to my rescue via an intermediate search step!

    I don't want Google knowing when and which sites I'm about to visit next. It is powerful and all-knowing enough (and for that reason I tend to use extensions to block Google Analytics too). The same goes for other search sites such as DuckDuckGo (which I do use when I actually want to search for new things).

    Again, thanks for the pointer. Without asking the question, I would have probably never realised that vivaldi.net and vivaldi.com existed as two separate entities. I learnt something!


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