Take the blue pill? I want the red pill!

  • So! I upgraded my version for the latest upgrade, and sad to see that changed the icon. My problem is simple, I want back the red Vivaldi icon, OR have a choice. Red was better!

  • stay on stable version …

    stable = red
    snapshot = black

    because peoble don´t know what they use 😛 you must paint them

  • I did request different icons for different channels more than one year ago,to help to avoid confusion when dealing with multiple installations from multiple channels.

    Then the feature was implemented back in august and I had no part on that.

    In short, now

    Release = Red

    Snapshot = Gray

    Internal testing = Green

    We may argue about the chosen colors, being matter of personal taste, but the feature itself is absolutely useful, and it's also in line with the Old Opera tradition, where the Opera Next builds were gray as well.

  • I would like to offer a different opinion on this topic. I find the differently colored icons immensely useful for differentiating problems. The selinux denial warnings I have been receiving in one version but not other I am trying to fix. Has the icon names are not always visible on my desktop, I find the differently colored icons helpful. It also serves as a mental reminder to check whether I'm accessing the program with standard, administrative, or root privileges. This also has to do with my reasons for using the versions, as I assume that the recommended and stable versions have fewer possible security, technical, or other unwanted differences.


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