How to stop Vivaldi being default browser

  • I said yes to the prompt to make vivaldi my default browser (windows 7). I have changed my mind and want to switch back. How do I de-default vivaldi?

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    I said yes to the prompt to make vivaldi my default browser (windows 7). I have changed my mind and want to switch back. How do I de-default vivaldi?

    Start up whatever browser you DO want to be the default, and tell IT to make itself default.

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    You can also choose the program in Windows Settings, Default Apps.


  • Thank you for your responses. It's a work computer and generally over-rides any request to make any browser default, locking it down to IE only. Neither Chrome nor FF "stick" as default on request, but somehow Vivaldi got under the hood.
    Trying to change to other browsers (including IE) didn't work in-browser, while the "set default" options in Windows are not available, because disabled.

    Would be better if there was a "Make default" check box in Vivaldi that could be unchecked (if there is one, I couldn't find it).
    Anyway, I had to uninstall Vivaldi and indicate a new default browser as part of that process via control panel.

    If there is an option in Vivaldi, I'd like to know

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    Well, you can check the checkbox on the Settings/Startup category that says "Check on Startup" and perhaps it will let you "uncheck" the "make default" box. If so, it may default to IE. I've never tried this, but am firing up my Win7 box to see what happens.

    Edit: Nope. Doesn't do anything. Surely you can open IE and make it "stick?"

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    Of course, you can simply uninstall Vivaldi, let the system pick a new default, and then reinstall Vivaldi and this time don't let it become default.

    If your systems are as locked down as you say, are you sure you should be installing software at all?

  • Thank you again.

    I uninstalled Vivaldi, and made IE the default browser using the uninstall panel in control panels. I then reinstalled Vivaldi and, without me asking it to, it made itself my default browser again, and I was back where I started.

    It looks like the way it is interacting with windows is not very transparent or manageable.

    Unless there is a way of de-coupling the browser from being default, I guess it's uninstall for good…

    Shame, the browser has some good features.

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    That is not Vivaldi doing that. It's something on your system. It can't, under any normal circumstance assign itself default status. But, I'm not your IT admin, so there's little I can do about it.

  • OK, thanks.

    I think the issue lies in the way Vivaldi assigns itself as default in the first instance. That's just a guess though - but it does seem to me that if a browser allows you to select "make default" it should also allow you to de-select "make default ". Just a comment - no need to reply.

    And thanks again.


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