Hangouts settings do not show communications speaker

  • In Vivaldi, whether using Gmail for making and receiving calls or initiating a Hangout, the person on the other end is routed through the computer speakers rather than the default communications speakers, in my case, a Plantroincs usb headset. In the Hangouts settings, the Plantronics mic shows as a microphone option and works fine. The speakers option is only one though, the default computer speakers. In Firefox, speaker options include the Plantronics headset. There is no Hangouts extension installed in Vivaldi, which I understand has caused a similar problem in Chrome. Another anomaly in the Vivaldi browser (vs. Firefox) re: Gmail, is the lack of the three icons (Hangouts contacts, Hangouts conversations and phone calls) at the bottom of Gmail's left hand panel, pic provided. Any help is much appreciated. This is the only problem that is keeping me from dumping Firefox. [attachment=4497]firefox.jpg[/attachment] Attachments: [img][/img]


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