Browser Poll on Distrowatch

  • On [url=][u]Distrowatch[/u][/url] Vivaldi received 4% of the votes and is together with Opera on the same position. Firefox got 61% and illustrates the long way Vivaldi has still to go in popularity.

  • Yeah, but what does that tell us. It's only Linux users and only people who took the poll. And it isn't even guaranteed they really use the browser they claim to favourite.

  • You can't read too much into such a poll, I know but I thought it to be worth mentioned since Vivaldi was listed while browsers like Pale Moon or Epiphany were not.

  • Well, I just had a look and I think it's interesting.
    I know it's only a small poll, but I think it's quite impressive to be almost equal with a well-established browser like Opera.
    Vivaldi is now my main browser (since the last Opera update resulted in so many problems for me) and I look forward to watching it develop.


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