"Image Search Options" doesn't work

  • Hi all Since all modern browsers don't let you add your own stuff in the context menu, I've to rely on extensions to add very basic features like the one in this topic: reverse search by an image. I've always used this kind of operation a lot in the old good Opera, and I've found a good extension for the new Opera that do the same work. However in Vivaldi it seems there's not any alternative since [url=https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/image-search-options/kljmejbpilkadikecejccebmccagifhl/reviews]the only one replacement[/url] I found on the Chrome Web Store doesn't work at all (it even don't add the menu item) , while some other extensions (if they work, I didn't try) work only with a single search engine (so I should install an extension for every search engine) Hope to see a fix soon

  • [UPDATE]

    I arranged myself by converting the Opera's working one to the Chrome format (unpacked > Vivaldi dev mode > Pack extension… > Dragged and installed) ... it seems to work


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