Private window and incognito mode creating loads of temp file in C: drive

  • Hello, on win 7 x64 with Vivadli version : [i] Vivaldi 1.4.589.4 (Build de développement) (64 bits) Révision 7c25ae780f027858c14647dbf3bdda46a5d2f62e[/i] When opening a new private window and refreshing some entries from the speed dial we end up each time with a load of temp files created in the C: drive, all weighting 0kb , they are not deleted when browser is closed [spoiler]22A0.tmp C:\22A0.tmp 22A1.tmp C:\22A1.tmp 22A2.tmp C:\22A2.tmp 22A3.tmp C:\22A3.tmp 22A4.tmp C:\22A4.tmp 22A5.tmp C:\22A5.tmp 22A6.tmp C:\22A6.tmp 22A7.tmp C:\22A7.tmp 29D0.tmp C:\29D0.tmp 29D1.tmp C:\29D1.tmp 29D2.tmp C:\29D2.tmp 29D3.tmp C:\29D3.tmp 29D4.tmp C:\29D4.tmp 29D5.tmp C:\29D5.tmp 29D6.tmp C:\29D6.tmp 29D7.tmp C:\29D7.tmp 29D8.tmp C:\29D8.tmp 29D9.tmp C:\29D9.tmp 29DA.tmp C:\29DA.tmp 29DB.tmp C:\29DB.tmp 29DC.tmp C:\29DC.tmp 29DD.tmp C:\29DD.tmp 29DE.tmp C:\29DE.tmp 29DF.tmp C:\29DF.tmp 29E0.tmp C:\29E0.tmp 29E1.tmp C:\29E1.tmp 29E2.tmp C:\29E2.tmp 29E3.tmp C:\29E3.tmp 29E4.tmp C:\29E4.tmp 29E5.tmp C:\29E5.tmp 29E6.tmp C:\29E6.tmp 29E7.tmp C:\29E7.tmp 55B1.tmp C:\55B1.tmp 55B2.tmp C:\55B2.tmp 55B3.tmp C:\55B3.tmp 55B4.tmp C:\55B4.tmp 55B5.tmp C:\55B5.tmp 55B6.tmp C:\55B6.tmp 55B7.tmp C:\55B7.tmp 55B8.tmp C:\55B8.tmp 55B9.tmp C:\55B9.tmp 55BA.tmp C:\55BA.tmp 55BB.tmp C:\55BB.tmp 55BC.tmp C:\55BC.tmp 55BD.tmp C:\55BD.tmp 55BE.tmp C:\55BE.tmp 55BF.tmp C:\55BF.tmp 55C0.tmp C:\55C0.tmp 55C1.tmp C:\55C1.tmp 55C2.tmp C:\55C2.tmp 55C3.tmp C:\55C3.tmp 55C4.tmp C:\55C4.tmp 55C5.tmp C:\55C5.tmp 55C6.tmp C:\55C6.tmp 55C7.tmp C:\55C7.tmp 55C8.tmp C:\55C8.tmp 229A.tmp C:\229A.tmp 229B.tmp C:\229B.tmp 229C.tmp C:\229C.tmp 229D.tmp C:\229D.tmp 229E.tmp C:\229E.tmp 229F.tmp C:\229F.tmp 2290.tmp C:\2290.tmp 2291.tmp C:\2291.tmp 2292.tmp C:\2292.tmp 2293.tmp C:\2293.tmp 2294.tmp C:\2294.tmp 2295.tmp C:\2295.tmp 2296.tmp C:\2296.tmp 2297.tmp C:\2297.tmp 2298.tmp C:\2298.tmp 2299.tmp C:\2299.tmp AD4A.tmp C:\AD4A.tmp AD4B.tmp C:\AD4B.tmp AD4C.tmp C:\AD4C.tmp AD4D.tmp C:\AD4D.tmp AD4E.tmp C:\AD4E.tmp AD4F.tmp C:\AD4F.tmp AD42.tmp C:\AD42.tmp AD43.tmp C:\AD43.tmp AD44.tmp C:\AD44.tmp AD45.tmp C:\AD45.tmp AD46.tmp C:\AD46.tmp AD47.tmp C:\AD47.tmp AD48.tmp C:\AD48.tmp AD49.tmp C:\AD49.tmp AD50.tmp C:\AD50.tmp AD51.tmp C:\AD51.tmp AD52.tmp C:\AD52.tmp AD53.tmp C:\AD53.tmp AD54.tmp C:\AD54.tmp AD55.tmp C:\AD55.tmp AD56.tmp C:\AD56.tmp AD57.tmp C:\AD57.tmp AD58.tmp C:\AD58.tmp AD59.tmp C:\AD59.tmp [/spoiler] When launching the browser with command line [b]--incognito[/b] the temp files are created each time the browser is launched, no need to refresh a speed dial thumbnail in this case. All those temps files accumulate by hundreds at C: drive root and are not deleted Thank you.

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