Incorrect Vivaldi window focused when clicking a link in another app

  • Hi, I'm facing a annoying issue when I have multiple Vivaldi windows open (what happens to me often): [ul] [li] * Open at least 2 Vivalid windows[/li] [li] * Ensure Vivalid is your default browser[/li] [li] * Now, get another app in the foreground (eg your mailer), and click on a link[/li] [li] * Vivaldi window A is given focus, but the page corresponding to the link is not displayed[/li] [li] * switch to Vivaldi window B, and you'll see the page corresponding to the link[/li] [li] * Vivaldi window B should be given focus, upon click on the link[/li] [/ul] This issue is present in Vivaldi for a while (forever?), and I live with. But, that would be nice to have it fixed in a future build! Thanks in advance. Anyone else faced this issue? BTW, I think I filled in a bug report months ago, but did get any feedback. Anyway, this is the way it worked with Opera bug report, and it is supposed to be the same with Vivaldi's, isn't it? Unfortunately, I can't remember the bug id, and can't find it online as the bug DB is closed.

  • Discussed here

    When you created the bug you will have received an email with the Bug ID (VB-xxxx) number.

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