Autofill feature like in Opera?

  • In Opera there used to be a feature, with which you could automatically fill in often used form fields, e.g. sirname, forename, e-mail address etc. This was quite useful to prevent you from always having to type the same data e.g. in online-shops. So far I couldn't find anything similar in Vivaldi. Is there a chance to see a feature like this in the near future?

  • Moderator

    For the moment, Vivaldi is still using Chromium's form fill and password mechanisms. It does not have its own as yet.

  • I don't mind any other mechanisms, but in that case, there is NONE at all 🙂
    As mentioned before some data (like name etc.) are always the same, and I do need them on DIFFERENT websites, so it would be useful to have them saved somewhere to prevent me from typing them again and again.


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