New Feature request: Allow users to user their own cloud drive to store settings, bookmarks & notes

  • I know many would like to sync stuff between computers, and many competing browsers allows users to sign up for such a feature. But I think Vivaldi needs to allow the users to choose the destination of their setting as their chosen cloud drive (DropBox, iCloud, Mega, OneDrive, local network....blar....blar....blar) for all their settings, notes, bookmarks Themes etc. This should be easier to implement than a dedicated Vivaldi sync option, and will allow the user to use their existing cloud storage without having to sign up for 'yet another' service' with 'yet another' username & password etc.

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    I would be happy with just an Export Settings feature.

    We already have export bookmarks, but when Mail comes I want to be able to back it up to another location. Export to DropBox would be fine. Other browser settings, themes, customisations, notes, and panels should be exported too.

  • Couldn't you already do this if you, say, changed the location of your profile folder setting to point to a location on OneDrive?

  • You could but then all Windows user settings would be on the cloud drive taking up valuable space. Also what about Vivaldi on other operating systems?

    I would have thought it would be better for Vivaldi browser to choose where you wanted your settings/profile saved.

    o Possible to share the same profile between different computers, including computers using different operating systems, without the risk of having issues with sharing other OS settings .

  • No, they wouldn't. Your Vivaldi Profile folder does not contain any Windows system settings. I cannot vouch, however, for how compatible the settings for Vivaldi on a Windows machine will carry over to the settings on a Linux machine, for instance. If all you wanted sync, say, your bookmarks to the cloud all you would have to do is something like:

    move "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Bookmarks" "C:\Users\Username\Onedrive"
    mklink /d C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Bookmarks" "C:\Users\Username\OneDrive\Bookmarks"

    This would create a symbolic link to the Bookmarks file stored on OneDrive, and any changes you made in Vivaldi would be written there. Obviously, you could do the same for Notes.

  • @purgatori:

    I cannot vouch, however, for how compatible the settings for Vivaldi on a Windows machine will carry over to the settings on a Linux machine, for instance.

    I have copied and pasted my entire Windows profile folder to a Linux install without any technical difficulties. The only things that did not transfer were extensions and their settings.

  • 2x plus good!
    Something like Firefox's Sync, or Febe extension would be perfect. -

  • I just did this locally and it worked well.
    What I did was copy /home to a new install of Ubuntu. Once I installed Vivaldi, all my extensions, settings, preferences, etc..were there and working. It would be nice to have an extension to manage this, and set auto syncing operations.

  • Honestly, I just had this thought the other day… cloud sync with the cloud drives we all already have. The biggest plus in my mind is that it would eliminate the problem of Vivaldi having to carry their own dedicated sync servers. Actually, if you carry the thought process a bit further, it makes quite a bit of sense to use a fairly simple and open format for much of the data (history, bookmarks... anything not specific to Vivaldi) and allow for the possibility of extensions for free browser agnostic sync... Wouldn't it be nice to use Vivaldi on your desktop, but still be able to sync with whatever mobile browser you choose?

    I'm no software developer, so you'll have to forgive me if I oversimplify, but isn't the vast majority of this data just a collection of URLs? At least for me, once I became a browser orphan in 2012, one of the things that influenced what browsers I dallied with was the effectiveness of syncing mobile to desktop. I really enjoyed Firefox's sync features before they decided to mimic Opera's decision to toss the baby out with the bath water, and Chrome's sync is about the only feature of that browser I actually like. The common thread here is that I'm stuck with making the same brand choice for both my mobile and desktop. In the end, I've decided that a functional desktop browser is more important to me than sync (which is why I'm here) but cross platform sync would save people from making that compromise.


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