A thank you to the Vivaldi Team

  • I just wanted to say thanks for making this browser. I don't keep up on news very often but in July some Chinese companies were pushing to buy out Opera, and looks like the deal is currently going through as far as I can tell. I was a long time Opera user, going back several years. I loved the browser, it was Chrome's speed without botnets and pushes for sign ins, and it was Firefox's flexibility without the bloat that only got worse after every update. It was the best of both worlds. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I saw that headline. The original Norwegian team seemed rather unexcited about the deal, and kept saying that it was always a risk to be bought, since they are a publicly traded company. They also stated, with slightly more enthusiasm, that if the deal were to fall through, that they would be completely fine, alluding to the fact they would probably rather not get bought. I personally don't trust Chinese tech firms. Especially with the likes of Qihoo 360, needless to say I was not impressed with the announcement. My first thought upon hearing the saddening news was, "They are going to butcher the browser I knew and loved". Scanning through the comments sections of many news outlets who covered the same headline, it became apparent that my feelings were mutual with many of the other users. The browser I knew is dying. Promptly, I uninstalled all Opera installations on my devices and set out to find an alternative. That's where Vivaldi came in. I discovered that it was being built by former Opera employees. And, the browser has far greater power options than Opera currently has. After a few weeks of use, I can safely say I found my new favorite browser. This software is amazing. I'm sorry for the long post. I just had to say that I love it, and wanted to express my gratitude to all involved in the development of it. So, to wrap this up, thank you. Thank you all for this browser.

  • It was actually on the Opera support forum that I learned about Vivaldi. So I came here and tried the tech preview. And have been back here on and off to see the progress. A few days ago it became my primary browser. I hope all Opera 12 users become aware of Vivaldi.

  • Hi

    Yes... Thanks...
    I use a 3G connection for my pc
    and Vivaldi change my web life making it more quicker to navigate
    i was somewhere happy with Firefox since many years
    but when i tried recently Vivaldi, i saw instantly a better quicker connection !
    so now i am pushing all my friends to try it too.

  • Yes the same for me.
    I was a Opera user since 2004 but after they selled there soul with Webkit, and now China, I stayed with Vivaldi.
    Only thing i hope will come is a integrated email client like the old Opera

  • I'm coming from Firefox, which I used from way back at Firebird and Phoenix, but it started to get bloated and laggy so I started shopping around for a replacement. That was kind of a big deal for me given how long I had used it. I can't remember exactly how I found out about Vivaldi but I gave it try back just before 1.0. I liked it but it didn't seem quite ready for prime time so I waited and watched.

    Now I'm using it full time at home. I'm very pleased. It's completely intuitive and very, very powerful. I'm not sure what I think about having an email client in a browser, but I really want to give it a try. Seems like it would kill two birds with one stone. I'd like to join in giving my thanks to the Vivaldi team. This browser is only going to get better and better.

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