Vivaldi Upgrade Notices Come At The WRONG Time

  • Every time I open Vivaldi, I do so with a specific task in mind that I want to accomplish. I am focused and on a mission, and that is NOT the time to pop up a message prompting me to upgrade my version of Vivaldi. What would be better would be to let me schedule the upgrade to take place automatically (including Vivaldi Restart and User Account Control permissions) after my browser (or my computer) has been idle for 30 minutes (user settable), or on browser shutdown. This way it would not be intrusive or inconvenient or interfere with whatever mission I'm on.

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    I deleted your repeat post. Your first few comments ('til you're a verified user, not a spammer) require moderator approval. After that, your comments will show without delay. Since the mods are volunteers, who also have day jobs of their own, it may take from a few minutes to a few hours to get a comment approved. We had to move to this because we were being overrun by commercial spam.

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    I just wish they would come more frequently. I want a new Snapshot at least once a week.

    If you stick to the final builds, you're not going to be interrupted very often. Just press the Escape key and check for updates later when you're ready.

    An option to turn off auto-updates is likely to come one day, but it's best for most users to be reminded as soon as a security update is available. The update of finals is driven by updates for Chrome, so if an update is available it means it is needed.


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