Hide Tab bar and Hide Browser

  • I'm learning Vivaldi and like it. Hoping for additions as time goes to incorporate some of OPERA's features. Is there any way to hide the tab bar to pop-up when I want it? Any way to hide the browser, like IE did? Any way to size (make them smaller) the speed dial thumbnails? Long time OPERA user, liked being able to customize the tool bars, and use 'minimalist' skins. Any plans to do any of this?

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    • Set a shortcut key to toggle the Tab Bar in Settings, Keyboard, View
    • Minimise?
    • Only by changing the Interface scaling
    • Lots of plans, not enough time to do everything

    See items number 7,8,11 in the Feature Requests thread.

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    Plans for pretty much all of that, down the road.

  • Very good! I look forward to all that, and more! Vivaldi is winning me over.


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