Please please please support Chrome-like profiles

  • I do like Vivaldi and the way it goes. But working without Chrome profiles is just a pain! Switching between Personal and Work Gmail inbox, calendar, jira, github, bitbucket etc. is very annoying. And even if I create a separate data-dir then external links will not open in the right window. They will always open in the first Vivaldi instance. Profiles is something supported by Chromium itself so as far as I understand this API should be available to any Chromium based browser. Do you know how many browsers support profiles besides the MOST POPULAR browser on the planet Chrome? Zero. Firefox profiles are NOT the same. They do not support clicking link in external application and opening it in the last accessed window. But at least there is some profiles support in the SECOND popular browser on the planet. And besides Firefox no other browser has at least UI to manage profiles. As an advanced user and a web developer I constantly use profiles. I'm begging you to include at least command line possibility to create and use profiles! [img][/img] Cheers!


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