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  • Hallo. I'm new to the forum, but use Vivaldi since 1.0, Linux version. My question: Is it possible to save tabs of the active window only. (supposed I've opened more than one window of Vivaldi browser)? I want to use a 'general', a 'main' window, and a separate browser window with specific tabs to a topic maybe. And before leaving, I just want to save the tabs of the second window only, not the tabs of the main window. And then, of course, I would like to (re) open the secondary saved tabs, when needed again. Thank you. A. Leconte

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    If you close the primary window first, and then the secondary one, when you reopen using the setting "startup with last session," only the tabs of the second window will open. The primary window will still be saved in the trashcan, however, and can also be reopened. I have not tested using menu/file/save open tabs as a session, to see if that will save per-window, but you can check.

  • Sorry for late reply and thank you for your post. Exactly, this procedure you describe does not really help me. I have opened one or two, and sometimes a private third window. I just want to save the tabs from the actual window like a 'topic' with similar or to that topic belonging tabs, because it is much easier to follow a browser window with only few tabs.
    Maybe an alternative could be to save different Webpanels and open the complete panel on demand.
    Hope there will be something (I really prefer saving tabs of a window), which may be integrated into Vivaldi in future.

    A. Leconte

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    Did you test whether Menu/File/Save as Session can save individual windows as their own sessions?

    Never mind. It can't. It saves every open tab in every window as one session.


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