How to disable the color changing tabs feature in Vivaldi ?

  • Hey all, I'm new to Vivaldi, and am using it with Linux Mint 18 Sarah Cinnamon Edition. It's working great so far, but I really want to turn off the color changing tabs based on each site. I'd Googled it already, and i'm being directed to an option labelled "Use page theme color in user interface" under the Appearances tab. I've looked for said option and it's simply not there. Any help in finding how to disable this color change feature would be greatly appreciated! If it helps: I'm using Vivaldi 1.4.589.11 (Stable channel) (64-bit) Revision 7c25ae780f027858c14647dbf3bdda46a5d2f62e I look forward to borrowing your wisdom!

  • Yeah, this setting moved with the introduction of themes. Go to vivaldi://settings/themes/ and click on the edit button (shaped like a pencil). There you can untick the option Accent Color From Active Page. If you edit a standard theme clicking the edit button will create a new theme for you. Don't forget to save it after you made the adjustments.

    By the way, the subtle, redmond and olive themes have the accent color from active page option disabled by default.

  • Thanks luetage! That was much easier than I'd thought it was going to be.

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