Few regressions in Mac - Cmd+W, Cmd+V, Cmd+C (in address bar) don't work using Dvorak layout

  • Using Dvorak layout. Cmd+w currently brings up the preferences instead of closing the tab. Also Cmd+, now closes the tab instead of opening the preferences dialog. Only way to Copy and Paste in address bar is to either use right click menu or Edit menu.

  • It's not only the Dvorak layout that has been affected. Personally I use a qwertz layout and some shortcuts stopped working too. The problem is Vivaldi somehow assumes you are using a standard (US) qwerty layout. There is no fix other than changing the affected shortcuts in vivaldi://settings/keyboard/. Just input your shortcuts and save them anew. You will notice Vivaldi displays them incorrectly, but they will work afterwards. If and when this is fixed you will likely have to change them back.

  • These bugs are seriously hampering the productivity. Should I just downgrade to previous version or just forget about Vivaldi and move to more trusted Chrome

  • Downgrading doesn't make much sense, since other bugs have been fixed in the meantime. Either change and fix the affected shortcuts (like stated above) and enjoy Vivaldi, or try Opera over Chrome. Nowadays Opera stable has built in VPN, adblock and working synchronisation. On top of that a good android version, which works well in combination with the desktop one. It's not a bad browser. You can come back to Vivaldi when more features have been introduced and more bugs have been fixed.

  • This also impacts certain pages. For example, I cannot copy from the vivaldi://about page (using the keyboard shortcut).

  • the non working keys seem to be an issue with a normal (well UK) keyboard

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