Problems with latest version of Vivaldi opening new links as tabs in old windows behind current one

  • I just started using the latest version (1.4.589.11 (Stable channel) (32-bit)) and If I have several windows open, and click on a web link, instead of opening as a tab in the current (top) window, it invariably goes to an older window behind it and opens it as a tab in that window instead, which is very annoying, and I have to go looking for it. Now, since every forum has them, those of you with the only contribution being to challenge why I want multiple windows open, just stow it. I use multiple windows to see several web pages at one time, and that isn't unusual or the issue here. Next, is there a way to get ALL links to open in new windows? I am a tab hater. Finally, where is the control to turn OFF the browser changing it's color to match the web pages. I love the browser other than those three issues. Thanks for any constructive solutions in advance. 🙂

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    In Settings/themes, click on the pen to open editing for the theme you are using and uncheck "Apply Accent Color from Active Page." Then click the Save button.

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    There is no setting to open every link in a new window at present. However, you can right click a link and select "open in new window."

  • I've noticed it too, a bit annoying.

    To re-create the first issue:

    • Open 2+ Vivaldi windows.
    • Select any but first window.
    • Click on a link in another program so it opens in Vivaldi.
    • The link will activate the first Vivaldi window but will load in the current one.

  • Confirmed, 3 windows created with ctrl-n so the last created one is on top, alt-tab inside Mirc, right clicked/open a youtube link or a news site link, anything does actually. 1st vivaldi window goes on top but the link is opened on the 3rd window which previously had focus.
    END OF THE WORLD!11111!11eleven
    seriously, there are way worse problems than this, add to the buglist and hope for the best.

  • YES this is so annoying.

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    Seriously. The Bug is annoying and was already reported. But It has a low priority.
    There is so much work to do for the small Vivaldi developer team fixing bugs and enhancing Vivaldi.
    Please have patience.

  • It's funny talking about wrong Window in Windows.

    In mean time just go to your window, and take a deep breath.
    I did, especially on moving car.


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