Is it possible to open automatically torrent files?

  • When I download a torrent file, the transfer window open, asking for what I want to do. Then I have to click on "open" button to start the relative application (uTorrent). Could I automatize the start of the application? Thank you

  • Very good question!

  • MIME types have already been requested numerous times.

    See item number 30 in the Feature Requests thread, which I have just added because it is a long-standing request.

    Meanwhile, IMO one extra click is hardly significant, and it adds some additional protection from potentially harmful downloads.

  • You are right but I'm used to old opera presto, you know….

  • Didn't want to create a new topic (because there are dozens of topics with request to auto-open torrent files)... but maybe someone knows if this feature already exists (can't find it) or will be added in future?

  • I really don't know what's the problem, I dl torrents every each day and using open, which after downloading the torrent in my default download dir, cause utorrent to pop up and the download get started. I just have to clean the .torrent files when I'm done. Is this really so hard?

  • It's not that hard, but there are some people who like things getting done easier.

    P.S. Not everyone use torrent clients on PC, many users have modern routers and run torrent clients on routers, so monitoring local dirs in PC doesn't work.

  • Still no solution to this? Vivaldi seems to have a great philosophy - to implement settings and functions and let the users decide how deep they want to go into customizing their experience. With that mindset, I would think automatically open certain file formats would be a given and that the users would be presented with the opportunity to do so for .torrents too.

    This is the kind of thing that forces people to return to Firefox, not being able to execute simple functions. This is still something you see users request everywhere on forums and should definitely be implemented, even if the setting is somewhat hidden to boost security.

  • Yes, this is a good point - I also often open Firefox just to download torrents...

  • @Werkaster said in Is it possible to open automatically torrent files?:

    This is the kind of thing that forces people to return to Firefox, not being able to execute simple functions.

    I don't think so. This is so easy to do — it takes only a couple of extra clicks. I never used torrents before, but I just tested the Torrent for LibreOffice.

    • I downloaded the info file using Vivaldi
    • I double-clicked the downloaded file in the download panel
    • A dialogue opened in Opera 12.17 (my only torrent enabled client) asking me if I wished to continue.

    0_1486731859251_Download Torrent.png

    This is hardly a deal-breaker. I added the request for MIME type support in feature requests for Vivaldi 1.5, but we may need to wait a while yet since this is so easy to work around.

    1. Not that many users download torrents
    2. Those who do may well have a preferred application designed for that task
    3. It takes only a double-click to open a torrent in your associated application from Vivaldi's download panel.

  • "it takes only a couple of extra clicks"

    Yes, it is, but... You can also buy a car with manually operated windows - it virtually takes no extra clicks (since you would need to press open/close button on automated windows anyways). You can also buy a TV without remote - it also doesn't require any extra clicks (you still need to make one click on remote or TV itself anyways). It's all about convenience, comfort and usability...

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