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  • I'd like to merge addresses (and notes, and...) to manually "sync" this browser on different machines : I travel a lot, and when back to home, I have to "update" my main PC so that it gets URLS and notes I had added on the laptop. Not very fond of extensions : had a bad experience. TU

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    Sync is being worked on.

  • I would be pleased to beta test "Sync"…

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    Unlikely there will be much public beta test of sync. Obviously, there will be a lot of back stage testing of it when it arrives, just as there has been (and continues to be) for several months for email. Like email, the perils of data loss in sync would be severe - so I don't suppose the public will see it until it's much closer to bullet-proof than many other newly-introduced features. Going through some of the history of Vivaldi's backstage development, I noticed sync has been under development for longer than the browser has been public. That's how important it is to to the team to get it right.

  • So I guess that in this stage basic concept of sync should be clear already. So can we get answers to basic security/privacy related questions like:

    1. Offline support?
    2. Owncloud support?
    3. End-to-End encryption?

    Simple yes/no answers would be sufficient ;).

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    Nope. Everything is fluid up until release. That, and vivaldi does not talk about the traits of features ahead of release.

  • OK, I kind of get it from marketing point of view ;).

    But for me, and others that care about security and privacy, these are basic and mandatory question whether Sync will be feature we can use safely.

    For me personally answers to these questions will reveal if Sync is usable/useless for me. Also how you guys/gals approach this kind of things, as it can point to where Vivaldi would like to go.

    As for now we're playing for kind of safety, that user can't even simply sync profile in means of folders among workstations. IMHO this restriction should be blocked until Sync will be anouced for real. It took my patience to trial while reinstalling new notebook and migrate my SW.

    So I'm really interested in what kind of Sync you guys/gals will bring. Just hope it'll suit us all. Waiting…

  • IMHO merging/syncing should be done offline ; there was such a (third party) software with O12.

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