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  • how do i turn off the download files warning i.e. confirm download file safe/keep as it is annoying ,downloads would look better if you took the idea from download statusbar in firefox now defunct i believe a panel is too big and detracts from reading the page ,plus it doesn't auto close after downloads are completed ,so epic fail

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    In Settings, Downloads, you can disable the automatic opening of the panel. So you made an epic fail by not checking or asking first.

  • I have tried to disable in Settings/Privacy "Enable Google Phishing and Malware protection" but doesn't seem related to specific extensions blocked by this "Keep file" warning. I had to actually hexedit 2 files
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\FileTypePolicies\4\download_file_types.pb
    C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\1.4.589.11\resources.pak
    I have not understood so far when it uses one or the other, the one in resources.pak probably is used by Vivaldi to recreate download_file_types.pb from scratch, so to be sure, both were edited.
    Find the extension there, in my case "prg" and replace it with a dummy string "xxx"
    Of course not reccomended if you're not knowing what you're doing, goes w/o saying it's better make a backup first.


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