How to install local .XPI files or from unofficial sites?

  • Vivaldi's extension page has no option/button to install a local XPI file. When I drag an XPI file over there a box says "drop to install" (so it expects something like this), but all that follows is the download dialog, asking me if I want to store or open it. Of course, opening is not an option, as that is already a task of Windows, not Vivaldi anymore. So, how can I install extensions manually? Attachments: [img][/img]

  • You need to unpack the extension (using 7-Zip), go to the Extensions menu, enable Developer Mode (top right corner) and then click the Load unpacked extension button.

  • That doesn't explain why Vivaldi is displaying a "drop here" message.

    Loading the extracted folder fails with "Manifest file missing or unreadible", although chrome.manifest exists.

    (I could give more information, but the error message isn't precise either. Is there any expected format that might not fit the one I here? I'm just baffled that there's no direct way - I'd be happier to manually download all official XPI files and put them thru a Vivaldi window than to just rely on that only website.)

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    XPI are Mozilla extension packages. They cant be a easily ported to Vivaldi.
    You can only use UserJS scripts.

    Vivaldi shows such hint for drag&drop because it is implemented like this in Chromium code base.
    Vivaldi cant check the content before dropping.


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