Zoom In With Slow Mouse Scroll?

  • Hey, guys. New to the forums. New to Vivaldi (been using it for roughly two weeks). I've noticed a few days ago that Vivaldi zooms in on webpages if I scroll up (or zoom out for scroll down) really slowly on my mouse's scroll wheel. No other keys pressed: just the scroll wheel. It doesn't happen on other browsers on macOS (i.e., Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome don't exhibit this behavior), so I can rule out it being an issue with some universal setting. I don't know what caused it. The only thing that's changed is me picking up the macOS GM candidate a few days ago, and Vivaldi updating itself to the latest stable version. Thanks for the help, y'all. I really want to continue using Vivaldi, but can't figure out a way to disable the mouse-scroll-wheel zoom in behavior.

  • I don't know whether it is a Sierra issue or just a freak occurrence, but if you go to "Vivaldi Preferences->Webpages" and turn off "Use ⌘+Scroll To Zoom Page", does that fix the issue?

  • Having the same issue(also on sierra, never used vivaldi on previous OS's), can't seem to find any settings to change it. The zoom scaling doesn't change, texts just get bigger or smaller depending on the direction you scroll.

  • Also experiencing this. Does seem to matter if it's a slow or fast scroll. If I wiggle my mouse wheel up and down, it definitely zooms in.

  • Same issue here. Just updated to Sierra GM and Vivaldi started displaying this issue as everyone described. Turning off command + scroll to zoom didn't help. 😞

  • Hi guys,

    I had the same issue the moment I updated to Sierra GM. Tried the snapshot build and the issue was still present. However, a new snapshot just dropped this evening - version 1.5.609.8 - and the scroll/zoom behaviour seems to have vanished. I did bug report it through the tracker but it's not reported as a specific fixed bug in the changelist… but it seems to have gone away for me!

    Maybe give the dev build a whirl and see if it's gone for you too?


  • yep. same issue, awful with gmail…

  • Hi everyone,

    Updating to Snapshot 1.5.609.8, while running Mac OS Sierra 10.12 (16A323), fixed the issue for me as well. Before that, whenever I scrolled up, Vivaldi zoomed in.


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