Open Saved Session Tabs in Reverse Order

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    I saved a session of six tabs and reopened it in a blank window with just a Speed Dial Page The tabs were opened in reverse order. I found that if I changed the New Tab Position in Settings from "After Active Tab," to "After Last Tab," that the tabs opened in the expected order. I reported it as a bug. Would you expect the New Tab Position in Settings to make any difference to how a saved session is opened? Also, would you expect the Speed Dial Tab to remain open or to be replaced by the session's first tab? If I open an HTML page in a speed dial tab, the speed dial tab is replaced with the HTML page. (VB-21247) Saved Session Tabs Opened in Reverse Order

  • Sorry for bumping this old topic, but is there any update on this?

    I prefer my saved tabs session to be in the same order just like when I saved it. Currently when I open my saved session, the tabs are in reverse order.

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    No. It has been reported as a bug. It will hopefully get fixed when they get around to it.


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