For developers, why I liked the old Opera.

  • With the advent of new simple Opera (O) I have long struggled with its simplicity. But it was not O but Chrome (CH) in red coat. I finally parted with the severely and after long years I went back to Firefox (F). After installing many plugins was almost as good as old O. So I loved the old Opera? 1) After closing the last tab remained fast access. CH, F and other exits and it bothers me greatly. 2) Mouse Gestures. CH and F must install a plugin. 3) Ability to save a group of pages, open tabs. Ingenious property. 4) Ability to save the page as a Web Archive file in one MHT. 5) Synchronization. The new O can not O-link. 6) Download Manager. Although F and CH very keen to make use administrator of the old O can not cope. Many, many more. Dnot Vivaldi simple. Make a feature-packed. We have a choice whether you use them or not.

  • I agree with you! Those are good ideas! I also think that it is very important that Ghostery and HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger and ad block and other stuff like that works first before I can use Vivaldi full time.

  • To add to that:
    1. My number one reason for Opera has always been speed (and small size/memory usage)
    2. Sessions and the ability to save currently open tabs! 👍
    3. Download manager that can pause and continue (even after restarting computer).

    So while I like the features, please try to keep Vivaldi fast and its memory use small if not all features (e.g. e-mail) are used!

  • I really think there's no need for a separate topic, when the forum already has "Feature requests" pinned at the top.

  • My favourites are mouse guestures, keyboard shortcuts, integrated mail/torrent/chat, and the most favoutite - dev tools.

    Oh, oh - and the Community! I LOVED the community!

  • i stii keep opera 12.16, so i can save web page in mht format :p

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    Email, side tabs, vertical bookmarks bar at right.

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