Bookmark with nickname opens two tabs

  • hello! is something wrong with my Vivaldi or is it a bug? I have got a bookmark with a nickname assigned. e.g. bookmark: nickname: orf I enter in the Addressbar: orf, then Enter --> Vivaldi opens two tabs with

  • I set a Nickname of AIM for and typed AIM in the URL field, pressing Enter. Only one tab opened.

  • @Pesala, thanks a lot for confirming.

    I tried a new Vivaldi Standalone and there were no problems.
    To cut the long, long story short: Xmarks extension was the culprit - it somehow mixed up a lot of things.
    After deleting all Vivaldi bookmarks and importing from Firefox HTML everything was ok.

  • Since the issue is resolved, you can edit your first post to select the Green Tick icon. It saves others opening it if they are busy.

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