1.4 not working

  • I updated to 1.4, after which nothing works any more. I got tabs with nothing loading. For a while, I would not even get any window or tabs and just ghosted menus. Suddenly my tabs came back, but still no content. I am writing this from Safari, until resolved there is no more Vivaldi for me...

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  • Working and not working 😎 The menus for tools editing, etc are grayed out - reminds me of similar problem years ago with Microsoft word - preferences getting corrupted. wonder if same is happening here? Having to force quit to leave and cannot access any of the menu items. grin.

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    Did you refresh your profile as I suggested? That cures corrupted preferences. Or do you need a Mac user to tell you where your Profile folder is?

    Have you tried setting up a standalone copy to see if it works OK?

  • Cannot refresh since the menu is not working - grin.

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    Can you do a system search for a folder named "Default?"

  • nedhamson, the easiest way to get to the "Default" folder mentioned in Ayespy's link is to switch to Finder, hold down the alt key, and then click on the "Go" menu and there on "Library" (then you can release the alt key).

    You are now in the usually hidden user Library folder. There, go to "Application Support->Vivaldi" and inside that folder you'll see the mentioned "Default" folder. Now you should be able to follow the remaining steps.

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    Thank you for that, NSSynapse.

  • Once a day or more often, the menus disappear and I replace the default folder and then without making any other changes, the preferences corrupt themselves and I have nothing in the menu items that works. The extensions I use are pretty commonplace and work in Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox with no similar problems. I have not had this problem on my Windows computer at work. So it makes me think that Vivaldi like an older version of Opera just is not that Mac friendly. And will not be until Vivaldi developers decide to make it so. I had to stop using Opera for a few years over the same issue. Looks like even though I do not like the idea of Chinese investors having access to my data, I will either go back to Opera or just use Safari at home - as dull as it is.


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