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  • I'm very happy with this Tech Preview version of Vivaldi on Linux. I will be watching as the feature set build out in future versions.

    I also look forward to future tablet versions of Vivaldi for both iOS and Android since I use both. I'd even be willing to buy the apps and the desktop version if need be to help development.

    Thank you to Jon and the entire Vivaldi team for the browser and thank you again for giving us a couple of privacy oriented search engines right from the start.

  • I'm happy with this Technical Preview!
    Thank you Vivaldi team for this browser! You showed more ambition (and work) to us in this preview than one certain browser did during the past two years.

  • Thank you. Just thank you.

  • Thank you, Grazie, Merci, Gracias,Danke Schon! :cheer:

    Congratulations on releasing this Technical Preview. Very pleased to see it. I downloaded it and after a day of using it I am already impressed. Different, unique, fast, continuing what is good in Opera 12, but evolving with new features, this is what the new Opera should have looked like. Already I love it! Best wishes for future development.

    I will leave suggestions for another post, after I have used it a bit longer, but for now it is enough to say "Great Job!"

  • I started using Opera in the mid to late 1990's and have always looked forward to updates to see what improvements and innovations the Opera team were implementing. When I installed Opera Blink, I was shocked and disappointed to see that Opera Presto and its dedicated users had been thrown to the curb in favour of the stripped down Opera Blink. I continued to use Opera 12.17 as my default browser but grieved the day when I would have to leave it behind. Fast forward to February 2015, and I am excited to learn that Vivaldi team by von Tetzchner has entered the browser fray and revived the spirit of innovation that made Opera Presto a great browser. There are really only two additional features that I would like to see implemented before I decommission Opera 12.17 and make Vivaldi my default browser: :

    (1) completion of the mail client;
    (2) speed dial keyboard shortcuts

    It would also be nice to see the implementation of mouse gestures. (edit: I just realized that the two most important mouse gestures (page forward and page backward) are working … very nice!)

    I congratulate the Vivaldi team and Jon von Tetzchner on their release of a great Technical Preview and I thank you for giving Opera Presto users like me a new home.

  • Your technical preview looks great.
    I am disappointed by the evolution of the opera browser since Version 15, that is why I've tried out Vivaldi.
    I stick to version 12 and appreciate functions like: mouse gestures, tab groups, saving sessions, fit to width, panels, notes and more. I am looking forward to have found in Vivaldi the outstanding 'old-school' opera browser experience combined with the latest web technology (HTML5, etc.).

    Thank you very much, for your effort.

  • It would be real good if this could be posted as a "Sticky Post-it" at the top of the Windows forum. Plus maybe a couple of links to your (Vivaldi's) mission statement and why Vivaldi cannot use Opera ASA's Presto engine.

  • I just want to express my gratitude for the work you're doing
    Keeping fingers crossed for Vivaldi

  • Some, no - a lot of people like to live in a uniform IT world. They are using the monopolist's operating system, browser, search engine, social network, and so on. It isn't becoming easier to turn to alternatives because big money causes powerful influence on standards. (Does anybody remember the standardization process of Microsoft's 'Office Open XML' though the 'Open Document Format' was already existing?)

    I want to express my gratitude to the Vivaldi team for providing one of these alternatives!
    Thank you ladies & gentlemen!

  • Best what I had in the last years. Thank you very much. I'm on Manjaro Linux, kind of Arch. Really beautiful. Have it now on all machines. Everything works. Much better than Chromium and Firefox. Maxdome works with html5 out of the box, without Silverlight. Quick, beautiful, real great work. Go on, I love it. Your browser is super and "just works fine and reliable"

  • You know that feeling when you rush up a flight of stairs and are expecting one more step than there actually is and you suddenly feel giddy and off-balance?

    That was my welcome to Vivaldi: I open it for the first time and expect the usual ton of effort to get a browser working the way I want it…but there was no step there! It was as if some browser elf had snuck into my computer while I slept and created a default browser with many of the features and configurations I had sweat bullets setting up in Firefox or Pale Moon (or Opera, in another lifetime.) Right-stacked tabs with scroll navigation, instant dark themes, search box customization, and much more. And the fuel gauge on my CPU and memory stays well above empty, even as I dance nimbly around so many of the Chrome frustrations and arrogance.

    What a treat and delight to see so much of the heavy lifting done for me. I still need to tweak some things before I can play my browser like a virtuoso pianist (right-click tab bar to close current tab, wheel-click to reopen recent tab, and so on), but Vivaldi shows so much promise and ingenuity that I see a bright future in my browsing experience!

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